EAL Quality Control System for Your School

Over the first term of this academic year, in autumn 2014, I developed and trialled a system for quality assurance for the EAL department at the school where I work as EAL Coordinator.

The system is composed of the following elements:

  • EAL TAs Feedback Booklet – a small booklet which they take with them into the classes they support and record whether or not EAL strategies have been used or not (they’re asked to record what strategies were used), whether there had been communication between teachers and themselves prior to the lesson and if the priority EAL students have been actively involved/included in the lesson. All the TAs need to do is enter codes assigned to these area (PSI=priority students involved, CBL=communication before lesson) and note down any EAL strategies they see in the lesson. This takes approximately 1-2 minutes to do after every lesson or at the conclusion of the lesson.
  • Interviews with EAL TAs – there’s an interview schedule for them
  • An interview with at least 1 mainstream teacher – again, there’s an interview schedule for that
  • Learning Walk (student) – one day in a term, I follow one EAL student (in the mainstream) throughout the day, observing how they are taught, whether EAL strategies are used or not and how involved in the lesson they are. The template for that is below.

Following this process, the data from the TA booklets is quantified and summed up in an Excel file and then analysed. I look at what specific EAL strategies are used to see how generic/non-generic strategies used by teachers are (we want language taught through the curriculum here, DARTs, graphic organizers, clozes – i.e. language-specific approaches). I take the insights from the mainstream teachers’ interviews and interviews with EAL TAs + my own observations (Learning Walk) and write a quantitative + qualitative report for my line manager / the school with recommendations for the future.

All templates for that are in the file below. The Excel file template I use for quantifying the results I get from EAL TA booklets is included separately here below the PDF file.

Please contact me if you’d like to obtain the editable Word file of the EAL Quality Control Report template. 

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