Sentence Trees

The strategy that I am about to introduce you to comes directly from the field of linguistics. It’s sometimes referred to as “phrase markers”, at other times syntax trees. I call it simply “sentence trees” as that’s what they are – trees, diagrams or graphic organisers showing interrelationships … Read the rest

Splitting a Text

Splitting a text you work with for pair work for the purposes of improving your learners’ listening and speaking skills is a great EAL strategy. Split dictation is a great way of doing this – two students receive the same text, but with different portions of it turned into gaps; … Read the rest

Barrier Games

In this seventh episode of our series, we’re going to talk about a particularly useful strategy for EAL learners called “Barrier Games”. It is very useful for developing both listening and speaking skills – it is about exchanging information about a topic between two students in a situation where one … Read the rest

Teaching Poetic Devices to EAL Learners

This time, we are focusing on the subject of English. The topic is poetic terminology. This was used with students who had already been aware of some of the terms, but were now introduced to new ones, namely personification, alliteration, metaphor, simile, rhyme and power of three. The objective was … Read the rest