Grammar for Secondary School Teachers

Grammar for Secondary School Teachers


An online course designed for secondary school teachers who want to raise their own awareness of those elements of the English grammar that are taught and required between Year 1 and 6 in primary schools in England.

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This course has been designed with secondary school teachers in England in mind. Currently, the Department for Education requires pupils in primary schools to be introduced to and taught certain areas of the English grammar between year 1 to 6. These areas are specified on pages 65-69 of English programmes of study: key stages 1 and 2: National Curriculum in England (click here to download the document). By Key Stage 3 (secondary level), according to English programmes of study: key stage 3: National Curriculum for England, “pupils should be taught to: consolidate and build on their knowledge of grammar and vocabulary through: extending and applying the grammatical knowledge set out in English Appendix 2 to the key stage 1 and 2 programmes of study to analyse more challenging texts.” (p.5 – click here to download the Key Stage 3 document).

This is a great plan; however, Britain has a recent history of grammar not being formally taught at schools, which means that many people who are currently teachers in our schools did not receive such formal introduction to grammar themselves. What is perhaps more troubling is the fact that, despite the requirement to extend and apply the grammatical knowledge for the benefit of students in their secondary school years, the same teachers receive very little, if any, in-service grammar awareness training. With the growing population of English as an Additional Language learners in schools across Britain, this need grows even direr: EAL learners really do need explicit grammar teaching (in the context of the curriculum, of course): this means that as a teacher, you need to have the awareness of certain elements of grammar in order to explain it to them. For other learners, as the DfE themselves suggests, greater awareness of grammar will allow them to better analyse more challenging texts. I would also add that it will allow them to be in greater control of their own use of language and give them more options for expressing their thoughts on paper and in speech.

This course is about growing awareness of grammar itself. As teachers, we work in many different, very specific, contexts. You might be working in a school with very few EAL learners, for instance, or, indeed, in a school where 80% of learners have English as an Additional Language. You might be working in a school where literacy levels of your students are lower than average, or you might be a Year 11 English intervention teacher. Contexts are many: therefore, this course does not offer any particular “what works” strategies. It simply aims to equip you with a certain amount of English grammar awareness, which you should be able to use to design your own methodologies, strategies and activities as you see fit for the benefit of your learners. One size certainly does not fit all!

This course is not designed for linguists. If you are one – or even if you are not – you are likely going to find certain areas that are not covered here that you think should be included. The material in this course is based, predominantly on the DfE Appendix 2 (as mentioned above): those areas that pupils completing Year 6 of their primary education are expected to know. Of course, as teachers, we always need to know a little bit more than the bare minimum of any area we teach. Therefore, occasionally, you will find included some information beyond the immediate requirements of the National Curriculum for primary years.


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